Recreation Pier Luxury Hotel
Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

Recreation Pier Luxury Hotel - ConstructionWBCM is providing structural, marine, and civil engineering and surveying services for the renovation of the historic Fells Point Recreation Pier. The renovated facility will incorporate the historic head house as the main lobby and bar area of a 128-room hotel. The three levels of guest rooms will wrap around the existing pier providing 60% of the rooms with views of the harbor with the remaining rooms overlooking a landscaped interior courtyard. Further renovations will restore the ballroom to its former grandeur, install a pool overlooking the harbor, create spaces for a restaurant and a whiskey bar, and provide waterfront construction for a new boat dock and launch.

Recreation Pier Luxury HotelWBCM’s design services have focused on waterfront construction, including the complex upgrade and rehabilitation of the head house, warehouse, bulkhead, wharf, pier, and dock structures. WBCM investigated and surveyed existing conditions, including elevations and sizes of existing structural members, to determine if reuse was feasible in the hotel conversion. WBCM oversaw the dive inspection of the existing waterfront structures (bulkhead, wharf, pier, dock, piles, and other critical structures) and compiled an inspection report outlining deficiencies and suggested remediation. As a result of the report, WBCM was tasked with providing a complete structural, civil, and marine engineering package that included the rehabilitation of existing waterfront structures and the design of new structures. WBCM has been instrumental in coordinating the design between the architect and the structural, marine, and civil engineers.

WBCM has completed intensive permitting requirements on an aggressive schedule that included fast-tracking the pier building permit for the marine and foundation construction to allow construction to begin early. WBCM assisted the team in establishing the pier deck and first floor elevations in accordance with FEMA and City floodplain resiliency requirements. The hotel will be located above the 500-year Design Flood Elevation and adequately floodproofed above the 500-year Flood Protection Elevation.

Initial construction began in late 2014 with an anticipated opening in 2017.

Recreation Pier Luxury Hotel

  • Owner:
    Sagamore Development Company
  • Total Construction Cost: $60 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Structural Engineering
    Marine Engineering
    Civil Engineering