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Civil Engineering in Baltimore and Beyond

Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC, is a prominent firm for civil engineering in Baltimore. Our firm provides services for engineering, architecture, and construction throughout our service areas in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. With a rich history of more than 40 years, our team of engineers, architects, landscape architects, surveyors, and LEED professionals, has completed numerous projects for many diverse clients. Our philosophy is to improve community structures and infrastructures wherever our clients have a need for planning, designing, and monitoring. We take on transportation, bridge, and countless physical structure projects in order to meet the demands of present-day society.

WBCM performs a wide range of specializations in the civil engineering field. We are well-known for our work in transportation engineering in Baltimore, as well as for our industrial and marine engineering undertakings. Reach out for a consultation about structural engineering in Pittsburgh, PA, with any of the civil engineers in our firm when you seek to partner with a reputable company that has a long and distinguished history of accomplishments. Contact us for professional help in achieving the goals of your project. We offer you knowledge, experience, and quality work in a number of specializations.  With our help, your project is sure to exceed your expectations while being on time and on budget.



Depend on our experience with highway, bridge, traffic, and environmental water resources projects.



Rely on our proficiency in waterfront and marine engineering—port-side to luxury residential living.



From site to structures, get to know our brand of high-quality, value-added engineering and building.



See how our innovative solutions can empower your industrial project’s budget, schedule and result.