WBCM provided extensive structural engineering services for the expansion of 720 64th Street and the design of a new office building at 730 64th Street.

720 64th Street

WBCM analyzed columns and foundations for support of code-required loadings associated with the addition of new second-floor construction, a framed grade-level parking deck, and underpinning of the existing foundation walls to create a below-grade parking level. As the engineer of record, WBCM provided sequence of excavation drawings for city excavation unit code review and analyzed the adjacent building’s basement parking tie-ins to the contiguous wall of a property owned by the same developer. WBCM also completed shoring and false-work details to support existing construction to facilitate the interior building frame modifications.

 730 64th Street

The second phase of this project included parking on the basement and first floor, with three office floors above in a steel-framed building. Basement access for vehicle parking is provided by a ramp. Sequence of excavation drawings for city excavation unit code review were provided to address the underpinning of adjacent buildings. The building contains provisions for future vertical expansion.

To accommodate current stormwater requirements for the building site, WBCM also designed the roof for an active blue roof stormwater retention system, which required design for the storage of up to eight inches of rainwater on the roof surface during a 50-year storm event.

Private Developer
Service(s) Provided
Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering
Brooklyn, NY