WBCM provided structural engineering services for renovations to the Lancaster Central Market. Renovating that 1889 Romanesque Revival building that houses the country’s oldest farmers market was a major structural challenge.

Renovations included the addition of a 2,000 square foot basement, which required underpinning and reinforcing the existing loose-laid stone foundation walls and extending the four-story southeast tower walls to the basement for stairway access. The basement included new mechanical and electrical systems, as well as vendor storage closets and cold storage.

WBCM designed a second-floor mezzanine adjacent to the southeast tower that houses an employee lounge area and an observation platform looking out over the market floor.

WBCM also completed an evaluation of the roofs timber truss system for conformance with current building code requirements in conjunction with restoration of buildings slate roof.

The market remained operational during the entire construction period.

Hammel Associates Architects
Service(s) Provided
Structural Engineering
Lancaster, PA