WBCM designed the structural systems that transformed the 19th-century 10-bay roundhouse on the former J&L Steel Mill campus into a modern technology incubator.

The existing structure sat on the 178-acre campus along the Monongahela River. When WBCM first assessed the structural integrity of the Roundhouse in 2014, it was dilapidated, damaged, and, in many ways, dying a slow death after over 15 years of vacancy.

WBCM designed extensive repairs to existing roof decking and framing, exterior brick walls, and steel columns. Many of the existing structural steel columns were corroding from the base up and had to be reinforced. In many instances, the existing steel was not found to have deteriorated and need repair until the brick walls that encapsulated them were removed.

WBCM also provided structural design for the addition of a new reinforced concrete second floor supported by concrete columns and micropyle foundations. The elevated structure provides an intriguing balance between the old and the new.

The new Roundhouse at Hazelwood Green is on track for LEED Gold Certification.

Richard King Mellon Foundation
Service(s) Provided
Structural Engineering
Hazelwood, PA