Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology brings a digital representation of site conditions in to the office, enabling a multitude of uses. By processing imagery captured at consistent intervals, this technology enables the development of 3D geo-referenced point clouds via a photogrammetric process. The UAS data is also processed to produce 2D high-resolution, georeferenced mosaics, which are composites of the hundreds of images captured for a typical site. The 3D point clouds and 2D mosaics are utilized for planning, design, construction, remediation, monitoring, documentation and asset management.  


In the building and infrastructure inspection arena, UAS have proven their worth. WBCM has supplemented or replaced our traditional processes utilizing this technology. A typical UAS inspection involves flying missions in a columnar serpentine path, ten to twenty feet from the face of the structure or asset, capturing high-resolution photos or video. In the office, the imagery is cataloged and adjusted to eliminate shadow areas. The resulting images provide excellent detail for the condition assessment and also serve as a comparative baseline for future inspections. UAS inspections eliminate costly scaffolding and manlift systems and their associated permits and lane closures. Additionally, field time and public impact are minimized, costs are reduced, and most importantly, UAS inspections are safer than alternate methods.