WBCM led a team to investigate and stabilize a 700-foot long section of the cliff situated under Building 75 at the Naval Research Lab’s Chesapeake Bay Detachment.

WBCM developed three conceptual designs. NAVFAC opted for the installation of soil nails and flexible facing, which allows vegetation to grow on the cliff face.

Additional site work included the redesign of the access roadway to prevent runoff from entering the slope area, design of a closed storm drain system to safely convey all storm flows away from the cliff edge to a stable outfall and major utility relocations to help protect the slope.

A 12-foot wide turf-stabilized road was created at the bottom of the slope to allow vehicular access to the site for construction.

Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
Service(s) Provided
Civil Engineering, Survey, Permitting
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Chesapeake Bay Detachment (CBD), Patuxent, MD