WBCM provides construction management and inspection services to ensure that our clients’ projects are constructed in accordance with the plans, specifications, the client’s requirements, and industry standards.

Our construction management services include monitoring and documenting the contractor’s work activities, coordinating and facilitating project meetings, maintaining communication with all project stakeholders, reviewing the contractor’s CPM schedules, ensuring environmental compliance, reviewing and addressing construction claims, managing project correspondence, processing contractors’ requests for payment, and addressing contractors’ requests for information.

Inspection services include providing on-site personnel to perform field inspection of materials and construction installation for compliance with plans, specifications, shop drawings, and submittals.  Our highly-qualified inspectors verify and document all materials testing tickets and certifications, perform field tests and field materials testing, maintain accurate and detailed records on the contractor’s daily activities, and document quantities installed. Our inspectors also perform quality assurance inspections at concrete and asphalt plants and provide on-site inspection at fabrication facilities.