WBCM’s environmental water resources team achieves excellence by providing quality services that protect our natural resources and enhance man-made environment for clients, communities, and future generations. We provide full-service environmental assessment, design, inspection, monitoring, and maintenance—including stormwater management, stream restoration, and green stormwater infrastructure—as well as hydrologic/hydraulic analysis and floodplain reduction.

Our staff includes engineers, environmental scientists, permitting specialists, GIS, and landscape architects who have extensive experience in natural resources. We integrate multiple disciplines to provide cost-effective solutions for clients. WBCM also provides training in stormwater management and erosion and sediment control. After all, we “wrote the book” on erosion and sediment control for the Maryland Department of the Environment. WBCM aims to marry natural and man-made environments to create sustainable solutions that help improve water quality, reduce flooding, and attenuate and reduce peak discharges to meet stringent permitting requirements.