WBCM designed the retrofit of stormwater management facilities to alleviate flooding and provide water quality credit at the Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Department and Pikesville Library in Baltimore County.

WBCM designed a rain garden was designed and the replacement of an asphalt parking lot with permeable grid cell pavers at the Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Department.

WBCM designed a surface sand filter and new drainage structures to improve hydraulic conditions at the Pikesville Library

WBCM provided significant coordination with our contractor to minimize utility impacts and facilitate construction of both stormwater facilities. The result has been a reduction of flooding at both sites and 0.97 acres of impervious credit towards the County’s NPDES permit requirements.

Baltimore County
Service(s) Provided
Stormwater Design, Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analyses, Drainage Design, Flood Reduction, Utility Coordination, Permitting
Pikesville, MD