Traffic data and analyses provide the benchmark from which all project decisions are based; therefore, all traffic data collection must be thorough and accurate and analyses must be prepared with an attention to detail. A seemingly insignificant data point could hold the key to addressing a safety or operational issue. Having performed analyses of more than 52 miles of corridors, 225 high-crash location studies, and participation in some of the largest Design-Build contracts, our traffic engineering professionals and technical personnel can deliver accurate assessments and develop sound solutions for addressing multi-modal transportation issues. Our traffic studies range from small intersection safety analyses to innovative intersection and corridor-wide traffic modeling. We understand that typically a locality is not able to build their way out of congestions, so we have developed options that provide for transportation systems management options to provide additional throughput without adding lanes while still addressing multi-modal needs. Our work efforts also include safety and mobility issues during construction. WBCM has prepared numerous maintenance of traffic alternates analyses to asses impacts to safety and mobility associated with various options. We are also able to distill complicated traffic engineering concepts into easily understood elements as part of the public outreach component of projects.

  • Road Safety/Walkability Audits
  • Multi-Modal Traffic Modeling
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Signal Optimization
  • Intersection/Corridor/Freeway Analysis
  • Transportation Systems Management
  • Maintenance of Traffic Alternatives Analyses
  • Crash Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Pedestrian Safety Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Volume Forecasts
  • Public Outreach
  • Rezoning Testimony
  • Traffic Data Collection