Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC

WBCM Culture

We believe in working hard. We also believe in supporting our employees and the community. If we have a little fun in the process, that’s just because we believe in playing hard, too.

Anytime you mix right-angle-loving engineers with creative architect types, throw in process-honoring administrative folks and a diverse management body, you’re bound to get a lively group. That’s who we are. Smart. Driven. Introverted. Extroverted. Fun. And, lively — definitely lively.

Our Mascot

Baaaaa!We’re fairly certain that most firms in our industry don’t have a mascot. If they do, they’re probably not hiding him in their renderings. At WBCM, a cute, wooly little sheep has become a part of our team. Sometime in 2002, one of our graphics people played a joke on an employee in our Highway department; he hid a little graphic image of a sheep with a kind face in a rendering that was presented to the State Highway Administration. No one noticed it. Once word got out, our employees and clients began to play “Where’s the Sheep?” when they received renderings from our firm. Today, the sheep has acquired a few friends. They still makes appearances in some—but not all—renderings. Small stress-ball-size foam sheep branded with our logo have infiltrated the office. Where will the sheep show up next? You’ll just have to keep an eye out for him!

Play Hard

Whether it’s softball, golf, ping-pong, or just a good run, we’re committed to playing hard and having fun. WBCM employees participate in industry-related softball and golf leagues, we send teams to industry golf outings, and we sponsor company teams for races. Our new office has a ping pong table and corn hole boards to help pass those lazy lunch hours.

Reaching Out

Civic responsibility and philanthropic accountability matter. We look for opportunities to reach out, embrace our community, and help our neighbors in need. WBCM employees are givers and doers. We take causes seriously and we don’t mind having a little fun in the process. Over the years, WBCM has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars and untold hours of our time to support organizations such as the United Way of Central Maryland, the Baltimore City Police Athletic League, the Special Olympics Maryland, and the Maryland Food Bank.