AAI Office Expansion
Hunt Valley, MD

Front Entrance, AAI Office ExpansionWBCM provided architectural and construction services for the re-programing of the 110,000 square-foot AAI Building 111, a prototype laboratory and manufacturing building. The goal was to provide more efficient process flow and to incorporate new engineering staff within an existing footprint. WBCM coordinated the delivery of design, permitting, and construction coordination under a tight timeline.

To provide the best solution possible, WBCM conducted a three-day design summit during which we interviewed engineering and manufacturing groups, allowing AAI staff to interact with the designers and assist in determining the best operating adjacencies and environments. The end result was a better understanding between designer and employee and an improved product delivery process. WBCM summarized the findings in a Space Planning Summit report and prepared a diagrammatic building reorganization plan.

As a result of the Space Planning Summit report, AAI commissioned WBCM to design a partial solution to its needs in Building 111 with the remaining recommendations being incorporated during a future design and construction phases. WBCM designed new office and support spaces in the building and provided the otherwise industrial-looking building with a partial face lift to present a professional-looking entrance to the new space. The new entrance included an ADA-compliant ramp, stairs, a large canopy for weather protection, and landscaping.

WBCM intended the landscaping and plant material design to provide a contrast to the mostly paved area and to provide visual direction through the use of vertical plant materials. The plant material design focused on low-maintenance material indigenous to the region.

WBCM detailed special coatings for the industrial building floors, the metal building shell components, and the new canopy to protect them from wear and weather damage. All materials used in the re-programing met AAI’s criteria for acceptable materials.

  • Owner:
    AAI/Textron Corp
  • Size:
    172,000 SF
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $1.6 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Construction Management