Asphalt Ship Terminal and Unloading Facility, Bitumar Asphalt
Baltimore, Maryland

Bitumar Asphalt Unloading Pier TerminalWBCM provided marine structural and civil engineering for the development of a new offshore petroleum unloading facility to unload liquid asphalt materials in Curtis Creek, Baltimore, MD, for Bitmuar Asphalt. The terminal was the first new ship and barge loading/unloading facility to be located in the Baltimore Harbor in 10 years. WBCM conducted dredging studies to determine the location of the berthing line to minimize dredging cost and pier construction cost. Potential impacts on the operations of neighboring facilities and properties was also considered when siting the terminal’s pier.

WBCM designed the terminal for berthing a 600-foot long asphalt tanker with a 35-foot draft and 47,000 long ton displacement and asphalt barges. The pier is supported by epoxy-coated 18-inch diameter concrete-filled pipe piles that were designed for 120 ton compression and 65 ton tension operations. Dynamic pile testing was used to monitor and verify pile capacities. High-energy fenders with HDPE facing panels were installed to reduce ship berthing reactions to the dolphin structures.

The pier included a 35-foot by 81-foot central unloading platform that houses pipe manifolds, hose storage, and a hose handling crane. Access to the berth was provided by a 275-foot pier trestle and pipe support structure.

WBCM’s marine design services covered the demolition of an existing pier and construction of marine structures including an unloading platform, four breasting dolphins, two mooring dolphins, pipe support structures, and catwalks that allow access to the offshore platform. Additional site work consisted of surveys, site layout, grading, erosion and sediment control, product piping, and utility design and coordination.

WBCM submitted and obtained the necessary permits for dredging, pier structures, and site work from the Maryland Department of the Environmental, United States Army Corps of Engineers, United States Coast Guard, and the Maryland Port Administration.

WBCM also provided construction phase and bidding services.

The Asphalt Ship Terminal and Unloading Facility received a 2001 Associate Builders and Contractors Award of Excellence in Architecture.

  • Owner:
    Bitumar Asphalt USA
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $1.5 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Marine Engineering
    Site Engineering
    Structural Engineering