Boundary Gate at Nallin Pond, Fort Detrick
Frederick, MD

Boundary Gate at Nallin PondWBCM provided survey, civil engineering, structural engineering, landscape architecture, and transportation engineering for the delivery of the Boundary Gate Access Control Point (ACP) entrance road at Nallin Pond at Fort Detrick. The design/build project created a new ACP off of Opossumtown Pike to accommodate both visitors and permit holders. The entrance included 3,000 feet of closed section divided inbound and outbound lanes, 1,500 feet of open section two-lane roadway, a roundabout, and the widening of 1,400 feet of existing roadway and improvements along Opossumtown Pike. The new roadway was connected to the existing base road network and utility infrastructure system.

WBCM designed a number of new building structures at the APC including a Visitor Control Center (VCC), a Gatehouse, an ID Check Area, Guard Booths, an Overwatch Position, a Passenger Vehicle Search Area, a Truck Search Area, and a Search Area Building. Security were designed to meet the US Army’s requirements for ACPs included parking areas, pull-off areas for vehicle search and rejection, Active Vehicle Barriers (AVB), Passive Vehicle Barriers (PVB), visual screening, and bullet resistance per UL 752 Level III.

Utility connections for water and sanitary sewer were provided for the VCC, Gatehouse, and Search Area Building. Extensions were designed from the existing on site utility infrastructure that included 2,970 linear feet of new 6-inch and 8-inch water main and 3,650 linear feet of new force main piping with three Environmental One sewage grinder pump stations. The Guard House and Search Area Office are each served by simplex grinder pump systems and the Visitor Center is served by a duplex system.

WBCM designed stormwater management to meet the environmental site design (ESD) requirements of the 2007 Maryland Stormwater Management Act. The project site provides water quality treatment and water quantity management for the 100-year storm. Grass swales, bio-swales, and disconnection credits were designed to work with three shallow wetland extended detention ponds to provide treatment. The project also installed three culverts that allow significant off-site drainage to bypass the project site.

WBCM used a three-phase design and approval process to fast track erosion and sediment control design and MDE permitting to speed utility installation and mass grading operations. WBCM also developed documents for and obtained permits from the City of Frederick for the off-site roadway improvements.

Landscaping and forest conservation plantings were designed to enhance the project aesthetic and provide screening and required visual separation from the adjacent historic Nallin Pond area.

  • Owner:
    USACE, Baltimore District
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $10.2 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Site Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Highway Engineering
    Landscape Architecture