Kurt Iron & Metal Facility Brownfield Restoration, Maryland Port Administration
Fairfield Marine Terminal, Baltimore, MD

Kurt Iron & Metal Brownfield Restoration

WBCM coordinated a Phase I Environmental Assessment and Inventory of the site that included mapping of the site and quantity estimates of the debris and abandoned infrastructure according to characterization of the material. As a result, the project site entered MDE’s Voluntary Clean-Up Program (VCP) and a Phase II Environmental Assessment was developed and completed. WBCM provided oversight of the creation of a Response Action Plan (RAP) and provided the technical design for utility installation and the final capping of the site.

WBCM prepared contract documents for the site cleanup that detailed a site-specific Health and Safety Plan; the characterization, segregation and handling of the materials; and disposal requirements for hazardous and solid waste.

The final phase of the restoration consisted of the design of the site work that incorporated the facility into the Mercedes-Benz Auto Terminal and completed the RAP. WBCM prepared the Contract Documents for the filling, grading, paving, utility relocation, and storm drain installation. The bituminous paving used prevented migration of on-site containments into the Bay from stormwater runoff and infiltration and served as the site capping per the RAP. The stone base course was designed as a passive methane venting system and all utility trenches were installed with an impermeable liner encasing clean backfill. Critical Area and Stormwater Management compliance was achieved through the design of an innovative perimeter berm and sand filter trench.

In total, 25,000 tons of solid waste, scrap metal, concrete rubble, tires, and creosoted timber, 40 lead acid batteries, 95 PCB-containing transformers, 1 ton of PCB-containing materials, 50 pounds of mercury-containing equipment, 515 compressed gas cylinders, and 80 cubic yards of friable asbestos were removed from the site.

The results of the Brownfield Restoration were recognized with a 2008 ACEC/MD Engineering Excellence Awards.

  • Owner:
    Maryland Port Administration
  • Size:
    10.5 acres
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $8.5 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Marine Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Site Engineering
    Construction Administration