Crimea Mansion
Forest Park, Baltimore City, MD

Crimea MansionWBCM led the team performing architectural, structural and civil engineering, and construction management services for the repair and replacement of exterior building components at the Crimea Mansion under an open-end contract with the City of Baltimore. The project included architectural design of significant historic building elements; structural design of stone foundations; and an historic assessment.

WBCM coordinated the architectural and structural investigation and prepared the historic building assessment, architectural design, structural design, and construction documents for the repair or replacement of the first floor windows. The design conformed to the original historical layout and the replacement windows were designed to be energy efficient to improve the building’s environmental performance. Construction documents showed thirteen different levels of evaluation, repair, and replacement for each window because the significant detail of the windows required detailed drawings to depict all conditions.

During the structural investigation, WBCM noted that several of the first-floor stone walls were cracked and bulging and some of the supporting wood framing was rotten. WBCM detailed wall repairs requiring the bulging areas of the walls to be rebuilt and grout to be injected into voids that were located using non-destructive ultra-sonic testing equipment. In addition, all of the stone joints were re-pointed to prevent further water damage to the walls. WBCM also detailed the replacement of the rotted wood beams. It was also determined that all windows, shutters, and doors needed repair or replacement.

WBCM coordinated the submission of the historic building assessment and designs to the City of Baltimore and the Maryland Historic Trust for their reviews and approvals. The drawings and specifications clearly indicated the extent of repair and replacement work required.


  • Owner:
    City of Baltimore
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $1.1 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Structural Engineering
    Site Engineering
    Construction Management