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B&O Coal Pier Improvements,
CSX Transportation

B&O Coal Pier Improvements,
CSX Transportation

CSX B&O Coal PierWBCM provided marine planning, design, permitting, and construction administration services to CSX for the phased structural preservation and drainage improvements of the historic CSX B&O Coal Pier in Curtis Bay, MD. WBCM provided all services as part of the Integrated Project Delivery team that included Corman Marine Incorporated and CSX.

The Pier Improvements won a 2016 ACI/MD Excellence in Concrete Award.

CSX Bulkhead and Fendering Replacement

WBCM’s involvement in the CSX Coal Pier project began with an underwater visual and ultrasonic survey of the existing steel sheet pile bulkhead that was documented by underwater video recordings and a complete written report. The investigation revealed a severely deteriorated, partially failing bulkhead. Subsequently, WBCM prepared the design for 800 feet of replacement bulkhead. The new bulkhead, which is protected by a cathodic protection system, was driven immediately in front of the old bulkhead. The new wall is being designed for an extended depth to permit deepening of the berth in the future. The project also includes new Marine International super cone fendering systems and on- and off-shore mooring structures for Panamax Class bulk carriers.

CSX B&O Coal PierPier Rehabilitation

WBCM recommended the rehabilitation of the existing pier and installation of the stormwater drainage system after performing comprehensive conditional assessment surveys and feasibility studies that compared rehabilitation with new construction.

WBCM’s design integrated drainage improvements into the structural deck rehabilitation ensuring zero stormwater discharge into the surrounding Patapsco River and allowing for reuse of the collected stormwater. A drainage trench and collection sumps in the center of the pier harvest all stormwater runoff and a pumping station conveys it inland where it is stored in the Terminal’s coal stockpile lagoons for precipitation of suspended coal dust particles before it is recirculated as spray dust suppression for the coal stockpiles. The structural preservation of the 1,100 foot by 110 foot concrete pier was designed as a double reinforced concrete diaphragm deck that tied into the existing substructure and sloped to the center drainage trench.

Construction was phased to accommodate continuous operation of the ship loader and associated barge loader. Phasing began with substructure repairs and the construction of the drainage trench. Work was sequenced to stage the coal loaders at the inboard end of the pier while the outboard deck overlay, concrete rail ties, elevated rail, and conveyor were constructed. A temporary concrete transition ramp was installed to allow relocation of the coal loaders from the inboard end to the outboard end allowing construction of the inboard deck overlay, rail, and conveyor.

WBCM also provided comprehensive scheduling, budget oversight, and project management services that included early materials/equipment procurement. WBCM combined integrated project delivery with fast-track design, construction phasing and the expedited procurement of materials (e.g. rails) to complete an ambitious, environmentally responsible project while accommodating existing, active ship and barge loaders.