Fairview Road (SR 0116) Bridge Replacement Over Toms Creek
Carroll Valley Borough, Adams County, PA

Fairview Road (SR 0116) Bridge Replacement over Toms CreekWBCM provided engineering services for the replacement of Fairview Road over Tom’s Creek along a new alignment.

WBCM designed a 93-foot long single-span, prestressed concrete, spread box beam structure that uses cantilever abutments on spread footings. The bridge was constructed in two stages using a single-lane, signalized, traffic control scheme. The roadway was realigned and improved for 1,000 feet along both approaches to correct substandard horizontal geometrics.

WBCM also designed approximately 400 linear feet of stream stabilization as part of the project to protect the roadway embankment on the north approach from Toms Creek, which parallels SR 0116. Two rock vein weirs were installed along with boulder stream bank protection and a riparian buffer area between the stream and roadway. WBCM prepared documents for and obtained an NPDES permit and a Joint Permit and obtained approvals for the proposed erosion and sediment control plan from Adams County Conservation District.

  • Owner:
    Penn DOT (District 8-0)
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $1.8 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Bridge Engineering
    Environmental Water Resources
    Highway Engineering
    Traffic Engineering
    Landscape Architecture