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Frederick Avenue Bridge over Gwynns Falls and CSX Railroad

Frederick Avenue Bridge over Gwynns Falls and CSX Railroad

Frederick Ave Bridge Aerial View
WBCM designed the replacement of the historical Frederick Avenue Bridge over the environmentally-sensitive Gwynns Falls and CSX railroad in Baltimore, MD, to mimic the existing historic bridge that was built in the 1930s and owned by Baltimore City.

The existing bridge was a 220-foot long, reinforced concrete, dual barrel arch with an earth fill above the arches and between the abutments and spandrel walls that supported the existing four-lane roadway, sidewalks, and buried utilities that included the primary gas main for the City.

Conveyed UtilitiesThe replacement bridge is a 228-foot long two-span prestressed concrete beam superstructure supported on a 35-foot high reinforced concrete substructure with drilled shaft foundations. An architectural façade consisting of a precast concrete arch ribs spanning from abutment to pier in each span supports a cast-in-place concrete arch wall that closely resembles the historical arch design of the existing bridge. The project included: incorporation of aesthetic details for the arch façade and parapets; maintenance of utilities, railroad, and pedestrian traffic; and mitigation of environmental impacts to the Gwynns Falls. Installation of the arch façade without significant disruptions to CSX traffic and Gwynns Falls would not have been possible without the use of the precast arch ribs.

WBCM designed a 450-foot pedestrian bridge to address the maintenance of pedestrian traffic to a local school and to carry existing utilities during construction. Precast Arch and FormWBCM also provided extensive maintenance of traffic plans, reforestation plans, and an hydrology/hydraulics report and scour analysis for Gwynns Fall.

WBCM coordinated with the Maryland Historic Trust, CSX, MDE, BGE, MTA, and local schools, residents, and businesses to accommodate existing site restrictions and activities.

The Frederick Avenue Bridge has won multiple awards including an ACEC National Recognition Awards, an ACEC/MD Engineering Excellence Award, and an ENR Mid-Atlantic Award of Merit for Highways/Bridges.