Gypsum Wallboard and Joint Compound Manufacturing Plant,
Continental Building Products
Silver Grove, KY

Large Gypsum, Silver Grove, KYWBCM provided the conceptual design, space planning, final architecture/engineering design and construction administration services for a new synthetic gypsum wallboard manufacturing facility and a high-speed boardline, mill, process additives, and warehouse building addition in Silver Grove, KY. The resulting facility was the largest wallboard manufacturing facility in the world at the time of completion.

Construction consisted of a 545,000 square-foot original pre-engineered metal building with 20,000 square-feet of administration offices and a 25,000 square-foot structural steel mill. The addition consisted of 420,000 square-feet of new pre-engineered metal building addition, 25,000 square-feet of structural steel process equipment building addition, and 5,000 square-feet of office area. Scope also included stacking and drive aisle configuration, new electrical switchgear and MCCs, HVAC, ventilation, mechanical service utilities, truck loading area design with carbon monoxide monitoring, truck tarping safety harness structures, lighting, and bollard protection.

The facility included the design and permitting of a floating, captive barge unloading pier on the Ohio River that can accommodate a 16-foot tidal range.  The center barge contained a clamshell unloading crane and receiving hopper. The work barge platforms were moored between four 25-foot diameter steel cellular cofferdams.  A winching system and steel catwalks were also furnished as part of the barge terminal and the upstream cell was design as an ice breaker. Onsite tidal wetlands creation area was designed and installed to mitigate the impacts to the submerged lands.

A subsequent addition to the barge terminal was permitted separately to allow for temporary mooring of barge fleets upstream and downstream of the dock. The mooring system used concrete deadman anchors that were buried in the river banks and connected to buoys with steel cable.

The original plant was designed and constructed in a 15-month period and the addition was design and constructed in 18-months. WBCM developed detailed space planning and commensurate construction phasing in order to allow the substantial building addition to be constructed while the plant remained in operation.

  • Owner:
    Lafarge North America (Continental Building Products)
  • Size:
    1,020,000 SF
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $225 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Marine Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Industrial/Process Engineering