Leonardtown Wharf, Commissioner of Leonardtown
St. Mary’s County, MD

Leonardtown Wharf, St. Mary's, MDWBCM to provide planning, civil engineering, structural engineering, marine engineering and construction phase services for the revitalization and redevelopment of a vacant lot and deteriorated timber pier and bulkhead located at the end of Washington Street along the north shore of Breton Bay in Leonardtown, MD. The site originally housed an old ice plant site, a waterfront restaurant, piers, and a small marina. The project consisted of the development of a public park and promenade area located along the waterfront with a commercial/retail area located approximately 150 feet from the water’s edge. WBCM’s designed waterfront improvements and acquired the required permits for the construction/development of the area.

Engineering services included the design of a 550-foot long bulkhead, a 14-foot wide promenade walk, a 10-foot wide timber pier walkway over the water/wetlands, a kayak ramp, landside grading, a concession building, new and relocated utilities (water, sewer and storm drainage), and the layout of a future marina. The concession building is supported by a pile foundation and required replacing the existing pumping station located in the vicinity of the park.

WBCM provided environmental permitting services that included submittal of an Army Corps of Engineers/Maryland Department of the Environment Join Permit Application, tidal wetland creation/mitigation, on-site and off-site tree mitigation as required by the Critical Area Commission, and management of off-site storm water runoff and on-site stormwater management approval. WBCM integrated educational features highlighting the importance of wetlands to the ecosystem into the design of the pile-supported boardwalk though the tidal wetland mitigation area.


  • Owner:
    Commissioners of Leonardtown
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $3 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Site Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Marine Engineering