Maydale Conservation Park Stream Restoration
Colesville, MD

Maydale Conservation Park Stream Restoration

WBCM provided engineering services for the design of a 1,600 linear-foot stream restoration along the left fork of Paint Branch at Maydale Conservation Park. The design addressed stream restoration, fish passage, and culvert replacement.

Prior to design, WBCM prepared a composite base map using GIS, CAD, and LIDAR data. The base map was further enhanced by data from WBCM-led field run topographic surveys that identified and located relevant geomorphic, hydraulic, and structural features. WBCM delineated wetlands and forest stands, undertook a streamlined Rosgen Level I and II assessment, and developed hydraulic/hydrology computations, bridge opening sizing, bankfull stage determinations, isolation of bank erosion hotspots, and specifications for stabilization measures.

WBCM designed the stream restoration to address bank erosion problems impacting existing pedestrian bridges and the existing recreational trail network through the park. WBCM evaluated the eroded bank sections and assessed multiple design options for new bridges. As a result, WBCM redesigned the park entrance road and bridge using a bottomless arch structure.Maydale Conservation Park Stream Restoration

WBCM’s design removed 10,000 square-feet of existing impervious area within the Park’s parking lot. The removed impervious area was converted into a reforested riparian buffer and micro-graded depressional areas to provide floodplain storage for stormwater management credit. The design implemented numerous bank stabilization measures to maintain the existing unpaved, stream-side recreational trail and and account for future pedestrian bridge crossings. WBCM also designed the removal of multiple fish blockages, habitat enhancements, and a minor stormwater management retrofit.

Maydale Conservation Park is located in a Special Protection Area (SPA). As a result, WBCM generated the necessary monitoring reports to meet the requirements of the SPA pre-application meeting and to secure SPA permit approval. WBCM is currently performing the required five-year SPA monitoring.

WBCM provided significant coordination with DEP, DPS, and M-NCPPC Environmental Planning to ensure all necessary project approvals and permits were obtained. WBCM prepared two renderings for M-NCPPC staff to aid in public outreach.

WBCM provided construction phase services that included reviewing submittals to ensure conformance with the contract documents, answering RFIs, and multiple site visits.

The stream restoration at Maydale Conservation Park received the Maryland Recreation & Parks Association’s 2012 Planning & Design with Environmental Protection in Mind Award.

  • Owner:
    Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
  • Size:
    3,000 LF
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $1 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Civil Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Landscape Architecture
    Public Outreach