Stormwater Management Retention Pond along MD 404
Choptank River Watershed
Caroline County, MD

Stormwater Management Retention Pond, MD 404WBCM provided civil engineering and environmental water resources services for the design of a stormwater management facility along MD 404 in the Choptank River Watershed. The resulting wet pond provides water quality management for 16-acres of previously untreated runoff from MD 404 and some offsite residential and commercial properties that were developed prior to the implementation of stormwater management criteria.

WBCM performed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and used the results to design the wet pond to treat for water quality. A weir wall was designed to provide aesthetic value and reduce the seepage rate through the embankment and a geo-synthetic clay liner was designed to decrease infiltration in the surrounding sandy soils. WBCM incorporated a stilling basin into the design to provide energy dissipation downstream of the weir wall. WBCM provided landscaping design that included a noise/visual screening berm planted with trees and shrubs that was created using material from the excavation of the pond.

During the design of the facility, it was discovered that the existing channel that was to serve as the outfall for the stormwater facility was severely degraded. The degradation was a result of the intentional breaching of an existing farm pond. The breach created a gully that continuously eroded its banks. WBCM designed a 200-foot step pool system to provide a stable outfall from the newly constructed stormwater facility.

WBCM designed the erosion and sediment control plans in accordance with Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) criteria and obtained stormwater management and erosion and sediment control approval from MDE. WBCM also prepared a Joint Federal/State permit and prepared documents to procure Critical Area Commission approval.

  • Owner:
    Maryland State Highway Administration
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    Environmental Water Resources