Metzger Hall, US Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD

USNA Metzger HallWBCM was the Lead Designer for the design-build demolition and reconstruction of the interior of Metzger Hall at the US Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, MD. Originally constructed as an Enlisted Men’s Barracks, the building was redesigned as an “adjustment center” for veterans/military personnel transitioning to a civilian life-style. The mixed-use facility houses offices, conference rooms, counseling areas, and treatment rooms.

WBCM analyzed the existing framing to ensure that additional loads from a new elevator, a new pitched roof, and the change of use and designed reinforcement measures where necessary. The pitched roof replaced a flat roof. It included an independent framing system and an improved stormwater drainage system that connected into the existing downspouts.

WBCM designed new ADA compliant sidewalks for each end of the building, new exterior stairs, and a new cast-in-place concrete ramp.

Stormwater was managed through the use of cisterns that were designed to provide a source for irrigation of the surrounding lawns and/or landscaping and a stormwater management facility that used pervious pavers with an over-drain to provide water quantity and quality management and allow groundwater recharge to occur.

The project received a USGBC LEED Certified rating in October 2011.

  • Owner:
    US Naval Academy
  • Size:
    19,271 SF
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $6.4 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Site Engineering
    Structural Engineering