North Shore Townhomes at Canton
Baltimore, MD

North Shore Townhomes

WBCM provided waterfront design of 44 townhouses, 12 pier homes, a marina, waterfront promenade and rehabilitation of an existing pier at the North Shore Townhome development. WBCM’s complied with Chesapeake Bay Critical Area regulations during design and prepared all permits and approvals for waterfront construction.

The public promenade begins at the north corner of the site, traverses south toward the proposed bulkhead, and then runs parallel to the bulkhead southeast towards the pier townhouses. At the townhouses, the promenade circumvents the perimeter of the pier before continuing southeast along the bulkhead at the east terminus of the pier and then northeast along the east property line to connect into the public right-of-way. The westside promenade access easement is 25-feet wide and the eastside promenade access is 30-feet wide. The promenade located on the fast land, paralleling the new bulkhead, is 20-feet wide and the segment of the promenade that border’s the pier is 12-feet wide.

The surface of the promenade is mostly be hardscaped with brick pavers and concrete with the section of the promenade along the perimeter of the pier being constructed of wood decking. There are grass areas and several landscaping features (planting strips) including Crapemyrtle, Cherry, Cypress, Abelia, Spirea, and Juniper along the promenade, though fire access requirements for the pier townhouses and the marina significantly limited the number of planting strips. Additional amenities along the promenade include park benches, gates for the marina, removable bollards, and an adjacent plaza area with a fountain.

  • Owner:
    2301 Boston Street, LLC
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $30 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Marine Engineering
    Site Engineering
    Structural Engineering