Potomac Hollow Road over Moores Run Bridge Replacement
Allegany County, MD

Potomac Hollow Road over Moores RunWBCM provided all engineering design and permitting services for the replacement of Bridge No. A008, Potomac Hollow Road over Moores Run, in Allegany County, MD. Carl Belt, Inc., part of The Belt Group out of Cumberland, MD, was the contractor for the project.

The existing 23-foot long single-lane steel beam bridge supported by concrete abutments was replaced with an $877,000 27-foot 5-inch long two-lane single-span bridge that was designed using an innovative mix of Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques. The 8 1/2-inch thick reinforced concrete deck is supported by six Hillman Composite Beams (HCBs) and Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) abutments — a first-of-its-kind effort in Maryland.

Allegany County required Potomac Hollow Road to stay open during construction and they wanted the replacement to be on the same orientation as the original bridge. To comply, WBCM designed and Carl Belt built a temporary road and one-lane bridge just upstream of the construction site to allow maintenance of traffic during construction and avoid disrupting a 6-inch gas transmission line.

Funding was supplemented by a $210,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Innovative Bridge Research and Design (IBRD) fund. According to the FHWA, the goal of the IBRD fund is to, “promote, demonstrate, evaluate, and document the application of innovative designs, materials, and methods in the design, construction, repair, and rehabilitation of bridges and other highway structures.”

WBCM continues to embrace innovative design processes and technologies such as HCBs and GRS-IBS. The use of ABCs in the replacement of Bridge No. A008 allowed WBCM and Carl Belt to reduce construction time and cost, improve bridge durability, reduce projected maintenance costs, improve safety, and reduce the impact of construction on the traveling public.

The Potomac Hollow Road over Moores Run project received a 2015 Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) Award in the Modal (Under $5 Million) category.

  • Owner:
    Allegany County Department of Public Works
  • Total Construction Cost:
  • WBCM Services:
    Bridge Engineering
    Traffic Engineering