Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC

Replacement of I-95 Travel Plazas, Maryland House and Chesapeake House

Replacement of I-95 Travel Plazas, Maryland House and Chesapeake House

Maryland House Travel Plaza

WBCM was the lead site engineer for the $56 million refresh of the Maryland House and Chesapeake House I-95 travel plazas as part of the State of Maryland’s Public-Private Partnership (P3) with Areas USA. WBCM provided full civil engineering site design and layout services including rehabilitation of contaminated soils and utility infrastructure and traffic engineering.

Upwards of 37,000 yards of soil required remediation due to contamination from old, leaky gasoline storage tanks. The State had only anticipated 10,000 yards of contaminated soils. Soil was either remediated on-site or removed before backfill and permanent monitoring wells were installed.

Replacement of the three-mile long, eight-inch water main connecting Maryland House to Aberdeen, MD, was not originally planned, but was deemed necessary after the condition of the 50-year old line was discovered. Water storage tanks at both plazas had to be drained, cleaned, repainted, and refilled. Temporary water storage and pressure support systems were installed to meet the domestic water and fire protection needs of the adjoining neighborhoods.

WBCM also designed and maintained signage for 10 miles up and down I-95 from both Houses to convey the current status of each travel plaza as one stayed open at all times during construction.