Rose Hill and Pinecliff Parks, Frederick County Department of Public Works
Frederick County, MD

Rose Hill ParkWBCM provided survey, civil engineering, and landscape architecture services for renovations to Rose Hill and Pinecliff Parks in Frederick County, MD. Renovations of both parks were phased to allow the parks to visitors during construction.

WBCM designed substantial renovations to the historic Rose Hill Park, including the reconstruction of the park entrance road to allow better access for buses, an expansion of the parking lot to accommodate two full-sized buses at the pedestrian drop off area, expansion of parking lot capacity for event parking, and the addition of eight parking spots along the north side of the Park’s maintenance building. WBCM provided stormwater management by providing event parking on a reinforced grassed area and by regrading the service drive to alleviate drainage problems.

Other services included the preparation of a full boundary and topographic survey, creation of as-built drawings from contract-supplied information, and contract administration services.Pinecliff Park

WBCM provided design, permitting, bidding, and construction phase services for renovations to facilities at the 89-acre Pine Cliff Park located along the Monocacy River. WBCM provided a full boundary and topographic survey of the park and performed an analysis of required riparian rights issues and the property corner monuments. The topographic surveys were compiled by aerial photogrammetry. WCBM conducting the photo control surveys and detailed supplemental field run topographical surveys.

WBCM’s design services focused on the replacement of six picnic shelters and the associated park amenities, expansion of existing parking lots, and creation of two new parking lots. Additional rehabilitation of existing roadways and shelters was done to bring the facilities into compliance with ADA regulations. WBCM prepared construction documents for bidding and obtained necessary permits for project construction. The park is located within the floodplain of the Monocacy River and contains areas that are flood prone due to proximity to the river as well as topographic constraints the limit drainage within the park. As part of the design stormwater management was provided, and storm drain culverts included that conveyed drainage from the stormwater facilities as well as conveying off-site drainage from other areas of the park.

  • Owner:
    Frederick County
  • Size:
    98 acres
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $2.2 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Site Engineering
    Landscape Architecture