Sagamore Whiskey Distillery
Baltimore, MD

Sagamore Whiskey
WBCM provided a wide array of engineering services to Sagamore Whiskey for the construction of a whiskey distillation facility and event space in Port Covington. The distillery is part of the planned revitalization of Port Covington as well as another step in rye whiskey’s resurgence in the Baltimore area.

WBCM provided process engineering design services for the installation of all materials handling systems from grain conveyors to water, wastewater, and whiskey product piping to bottling equipment.Sagamore Whiskey

WBCM also provided extensive structural and civil engineering services for the site work associated with the 10-acre campus. Amenities include the 22,500 square-foot distillery building, a four-story processing building, a 12,500 square-foot restaurant, an elevated water tower, a parking lot, and large outdoor gathering spaces.

The focal point of the distillery will be the 50-foot tall copper still that will be visible from the outside through continuous glazing along the western elevation.

  • Owner:
    Sagamore Development Company
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $40 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Industrial/Process Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Civil Engineering