Used Oil Re-Refinery, FCC Lubricants
Baltimore, MD

FCC Lubricants Used Oil RefineryWBCM provided full design and permitting services to FCC Lubricants, LLC, for the redevelopment of a portion of the 9.671 acre former Chevron Terminal for use as a used oil re-refinery. The facility will re-refine used motor oil (UMO) into a base lubricant and other petroleum co-products through processes including dehydration, distillation, and hydro treating. WBCM designed interfaces between road and rail for the UMO to be delivered and unloaded into storage tanks and loaded back into tanker trucks and rail cars for shipment from the plant after refining.

FCC Lubricants Used Oil RefineryWBCM designed site improvements for the facility including: a 6,944 square-foot maintenance and storage building, with a loading dock/pit to accommodate truck deliveries; a 5,100 square-foot administration building; an 8,432 square-foot control room/water plant lab building that is used for treating wastewater from the oil recycling process and sampling/testing; oil recycling process equipment; a tank farm; a truck terminal area with truck scales and loading/unloading stations; and rail loading stations. The site design also included utilities, security fencing, roads, paving, and lighting.

  • Owner:
    FCC Lubricants, LLC
  • Size:
    9.671 acres
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $50 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Site Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Industrial Engineering