Bulk Liquid Storage Facility, Westway Bulk Liquid Terminal
North Locust Point Marine Terminal, Baltimore, MD

Westway Liquid TerminalWBCM provided engineering design and permitting services for construction of a new bulk liquid storage facility at the Westway Bulk Liquid Terminal located on Pier 9 in the North Locust Point Marine Terminal. Westway acquired Pier 9 to expand their existing terminal located at the adjacent Pier 10.

WBCM’s terminal expansion design included the construction of several one million gallon liquid storage tanks, a secondary concrete containment wall, a new unloading pier, elevated pipe bridges, and product piping and pumps associated with bulk liquid storage and transportation. To facilitate local transportation by truck and rail, the Pier 9 development included the construction of a combination scale house and truck loading facility as well as a rail loading platform.

Site work was impeded by environmental contamination, abandoned foundations, piles, bulkhead tiebacks and utilities that resulted from the site’s previous use as rail transit storage by the Maryland Port Administration. As a result, the terminal was designed to minimize excavation and maximize reuse of existing facilities, though several unanticipated subsurface obstacles and conditions necessitated redesign during construction to limit additional costs.

WBCM designed the foundations of the new bulk liquid storage tanks to include a surcharging and monitoring program to supplement the conventional ring foundation design as a response to soft underlying soils that were not adequately preconsolidated and that could present settlement concerns. The foundation were over-excavated and backfilled with stone on geogrid prior to the placement of concrete. The new tanks were loaded with river water and hydrostatically tested while points on the ring foundations were monitored for total and differential settlement. When settlement had diminished to an acceptable level, the test water was unloaded and the tanks were filled with the liquid products. WBCM provided on-going monitoring of the tank foundations to document any secondary settlement.

WBCM provided Westway with innovative stormwater management solutions to meet Chesapeake Bay Critical Area requirements despite the dearth of impervious area and physical, operational, and environmental site constraints. WBCM designed a secondary containment system consisting of a free-standing concrete wall and flood gate to provide temporary storage of rainwater prior to release through an underground sand filter. The above-ground storage of runoff allowed the footprint of the sand filter vault to be minimized and assisted Westway with their leak detection and spill prevention processes.


  • Owner:
    Westway Terminal Company, Inc.
  • Total Construction Cost:
    $60 million
  • WBCM Services:
    Industrial/Process Engineering
    Marine Engineering
    Site Engineering