WBCM Strong Makes its Debut

WBCM’s newest employee group, WBCM Strong, made its debut on July 17th with a wonderful luncheon and a TED TALK discussion by Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston.  The group, sponsored by WBCM’s Sr. Leadership Team, sets out to empower the women of the company to be the best they can be professionally and personally.  Our group mission statement is to rise to our full potential by creating a collaborative, inspirational and supportive environment that celebrates our unique strengths and facilitates professional growth and personal development, thereby increasing the overall value of the firm. 

Empower the women of WBCM

The goal of the women’s group is to provide support and a sense of community and network for women by women at WBCM.  The group will elevate, educate and provide leadership opportunities and do outreach and external mentoring.  In addition to our WBCM Strong Roll out, activities to date have included the DISC personality assessments and discussion on communication styles and techniques, managing stress in the workplace and gaining happiness in your work and personal life.  We look forward to upcoming speakers from both the AEC field and our outside community, roundtable discussions, a self-improvement blog, a book lending library and eventually other outreach projects. The positive effect the group is having is already evident in strengthened relationships and a stronger community of women within the company.