Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC

Senior Vice Presidents

WBCM’s Senior Vice Presidents manage the day-to-day workings of their departments. They collaborate with the firm’s Principals to pursue and manage exciting new opportunities and maintain client relations.

Phil Han, PE, Building Structures


Phil Han, PE

Building Structures

Jim Holls, PE, PTOE, Regional Transportation Director


Jim Holls, PE, PTOE

Traffic Engineering,
Regional Transportation Director


Mike Izzo, PE

Transportation Director, Maryland

Jesse Lindsay, PE, LEED AP, Marine/Industrial


Jesse Lindsay, PE, LEED AP

Marine / Industrial

Blaine Linkous, PE, PH, LEED AP, Civil Engineering - Site and Utilities


Blaine Linkous, PE, PH, LEED AP

Civil Engineering – Site and Utilities

Brian Noll, PE


Brian Noll, PE

Environmental Water Resources

Thomas Orisich, Prof. LS, Surveying


Thomas Orisich, Prof. LS


Mike Wuerthele, PE, Building Structures, Pittsburgh


Mike Wuerthele, PE

Building Structures, Pittsburgh